Company Profile

Welcome to our world. A world of passion, dreams and creation.
We believe that fashion is the art of self-expression and a way to make people’s lives more exciting and wonderful. That is why we make it to be affordable and easily accessible to all.

For all of us in DOCA real life is the inspiration. Real women, that are modern, active, wish to play with fashion and are looking for fashionable solutions to express their own personal style. With that woman as muse, our designers create two complete Total Look collections each year covering every aspect of an outfit: the bags, the shoes, the clothing and the accessories.

In DOCA collections you will find a world of style, ideas, solutions and amazing variety of bags, clothing, shoes and accessories. Walk through a DOCA Shop and discover the latest trends, plus many more ideas on how to mix, match and style up any outfit.
30 Doca Shops and Corners in Greece and abroad at the moment and we are growing up all over the world.